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Climate change affects already disadvantaged people in the U.S. and beyond more than wealthier ones. We only have about a decade left to prevent potentially catastrophic climate change. We can do so, but we need “all hands on deck” before it is too late.

Greenhouse Gas Regulations

Governments around the world, including ours, must adopt more effective climate regulations such as air pollution rules, carbon taxes, total carbon emissions limits, and vehicle efficiency standards. Such rules must be enforced appropriately.


It is counterproductive to expect a cleaner climate and still subsidize industries such as the fossil fuel, meat and dairy ones as heavily as is currently the case. We must demand that our governments spend money on sustainable practices only.


Perhaps most importantly, we have to continue and step up discussions with our elected leaders about air pollution and poverty in language they can relate to. Most Americans (55%) are either ``concerned`` or ``alarmed`` about climate change. That is, however, meaningless unless it can be translated into 50 Senate votes.


Many people simply do not know enough about important social issues. We must make sure that schools around the world introduce students to solutions to problems that affect their lives. In particular, girls and women must receive sufficient quality education.

Three Important EinStrong Ideas

Think globally, act locally

Poverty and climate change can seem overwhelming, but there are many things we can do at the local level to bring about change. For example, contact your state or federal lawmakers HERE and get involved today with action.

Use less, buy second-hand items

Many resources go into the production and sale of items such as clothes, food (especially beef), and cars. Use less! Buy second-hand items when you can! It will help everyone around you and it will help the world.

Stay positive and active

We know that giving up change does not help. Spending too much time on social media can be depressing. Instead, find a way to contact another person about issues that are important to you. And enjoy the great outdoors!

Improve The Planet

See the climate change.

Our newest podcast episode just dropped!

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In this episode, interview Guðný Nielsen who explains how her organization, SoGreen, uses carbon offsets for the education of girls in Africa and how that, in turn, helps reduce climate change.

SoGreen is an Icelandic Climate Tech startup based out of her hometown Reykjavik, Iceland. SoGreen focuses on scaling up climate solutions that are founded in social impact and community development in low-income countries.