Universal Basic Income • EinStrong Makes A Difference

The world is marked by extreme differences between the rich and the poor. The developed world still extracts value from disadvantaged peoples and nations who continue to struggle to catch up. With our groundbreaking app, voluntary corporate or individual donors can transfer money directly to people in need, thus bypassing potentially corrupt government entities and inefficient “middlemen” organizations.

While we trust people to best know how to spend the money received, we use cutting-edge and thoroughly tested technology to avoid fraud.

Donations to individuals with no strings attached as enabled by us is a type of wealth redistribution that is sometimes called a “Universal Basic Income” or “UBI.” This has many recognized advantages. For instance,

• It is a matter of simple fairness and equity given the world’s income differences.

• It can, depending on the amounts given, help reduce poverty

• It will infuse much-needed cash to economies in need from wealthy economies

• It can help individuals buy better food, other life necessities, and school supplies

• It may help reduce necessity-driven crime

• It helps eliminate the need for government assistance

• It helps people obtain better self-esteem and better mental health

• It does not lead to wasteful, needless spending