UBI Agreement / UBI Agreement

Universal Basic Income Agreement

Through the use of the ESi app, you will be receiving funds received on a voluntary basis from private doners. The funds are intended to help contribute towards a universal basic income for people who use the app. The EinStrong Foundation in California, USA, is the developer and host of this program.

At no time may the ESi app be used for any fraudulent, illegal, or dishonest purposes. Through various state-of-the-art security techniques, and through ESi policy, each individual person will only be allowed one account and to receive one payment at a time. Any attempts to sign up for multiple accounts or to receive multiple payments will result in the immediate removal from the ESi app system and may result in such attempt to be reported to government prosecutorial authorities.

Your receipt of funds may end at any time, for any reason, with or without any prior warning, at the sole discretion of the EinStrong Foundation.

Any delays in the payment of funds, due to technological or any other reasons, may happen. You will not be able to hold the EinStrong Foundation liable for this.

There are no guarantees that future funds will continue to be distributed.

There may be certain requirements imposed on you in receiving funds in the future.