EinStrong Education

The EinStrong Foundation believes providing an education to poverty-stricken communities will positively impact the world. We currently focus our charitable services on two areas: Cambodia and Nepal. We will begin an online adult literacy program in Cambodia in 2022.  We already undertake English and IT educational projects via existing schools. We also conduct community-related projects and run an educational center for the blind as a pilot project.

In Nepal, we are currently funding the education of 72 girls. Many Nepali students face a disadvantage in their education as many schools lack much needed funds. Provided our plan is approved, we will fund more Nepali children’s educational efforts. We will provide scholarships via Sabal Sath Nepal and support efforts that focus on female empowerment, literacy, craftmanship, and cooperatives.

Our local partners’ teaching methods for Nepali students combine early childhood development methods, traditional learning, Montessori, and play-way for preschool and kindergarten. From grades 1 to 5, students will learn through an updated teaching method, hands-on learning, and an evaluation system. In high school, students will be taught via an updated method based on traditional values, skill sets, and practical learning. University students will study theory and write theses. They will also undertake practical learning, internships, and job training.

Providing students with proper learning tools and experiences will significantly improve their lives and communities. Many students and teachers need our help to update their school infrastructure and classroom structure. We are glad to be able to help those in such need.

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