EinStrong Foundation

Our Method

We enable the transfer of donations via our cutting-edge, proprietary app. This allows donors to transfer money directly to recipients, thus bypassing governments and organizations. We also donate cell phones to select recipients based on need. We believe that much assistance has been wasted on “middlemen” organizations and to corruption in prior international aid projects. We help donors avoid this and get the money to the people who need it the most.

We believe in full transparency and accountability.  Donors using our app will be able to verify actual recipients. No other grant-giving organizations do so. Rather, they only describe recipients in lose terms. Of course, we observe all national and international laws.

Our Theory

Our giving is based on the notion of a Universal Basic Income (“UBI”). Much wealth has been generated in developed nations at a huge historical and ongoing cost to people in developing nations and even such nations themselves. We seek to redistribute some of this wealth for reasons of equity and fairness.

By infusing money to developing nations while ensuring that this does not land in the wrong hands, we add value to such nations and, most importantly, to disadvantaged people who need a helping hand.  We do not believe in patronizing such people and thus do not put any restrictions on how they spend the money they receive. People know their own needs the best.

We simply allow donors to redistribute some of their wealth across and within borders. A significant part of our donations will be conditioned on the recipient taking some action against climate change, even if just what appears to be “easy” for us. We are seeking bottom-up action, even by the under-educated!

Our Framework

The EinStrong Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation started in 2019. We are based in the Pasadena, California, area with some people working in other states and nations.

301 N Lake Ave, Suite 405
Pasadena, CA 91101


Dr. Myanna Dellinger, Executive Director

The Foundation’s Executive Director is Dr. Myanna Dellinger. An award-winning legal researcher, attorney, and Fulbright Scholar, Dr. Dellinger, M.Sc., J.D., PhD, graduated at the top of her law school class, Order of the Coif.  She then worked for state- and federal-level judges at the trial and appellate levels including the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.  Dr. Dellinger was a tenured law professor teaching business law and public international law for more than a decade before joining the Foundation in 2021.

She has published more than 500,000 words on climate change risks to people, corporations, governments, and ecosystems.  She has been ranked at the top 10% of all authors by download on SSRN for several years consecutively.  More than 100 judges, attorneys, and scientists have cited to Dr. Dellinger’s publications. Dr. Dellinger lives in northeast Los Angeles. In addition to her full-time work for the Foundation, she volunteers as a temporary judge for the Superior Court of California.


T. Kang, Head of Engineering

Our head of engineering, T. Kang, holds several patents in AI technology and has a diverse work history. He has served for organizations ranging from energy companies to defense contractors and large banks. He was previously the Chief Technology Officer of a publicly traded fintech company. Kang is based in Pasadena.

Our marketing specialist and media content producers live in Southern California.