EinStrong Foundation
The EinStrong Foundation

The EinStrong Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation started in 2019. We seek to assist in the alleviation of climate change, poverty, and lack of education around the world. We conduct our own research and advocacy. We also fund select other organizations and educational institutions who support our goals. We focus on thoroughly researched, yet effective and innovative, solutions to the problems we address. We conduct advocacy, educational, student and family support activities in the United States, Cambodia, and Nepal.

Consisting of highly compassionate people from around the nation and world, we are headquartered in Southern California. We believe in positive change and the inherent and actual values of a healthy environment. We have seen first-hand the effects of drought and heat on our natural surroundings here. We take steps to avoid this and similar environmental and suburban action around the world.

Key People

Myanna Dellinger

Myanna Dellinger, J.D., M.Sc., PhD candidate (2022)

Law and Policy Director
The EinStrong Foundation

An award-winning legal researcher, attorney, and Fulbright Scholar, Myanna Dellinger, M.Sc., J.D., PhD candidate (Political Science, 2022), graduated at the top of her law school class, Order of the Coif, in 2008.  She then worked for state- and federal-level judges at the trial and appellate levels including the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.  Myanna was a tenured law professor teaching business law and public international law for more than a decade.  Myanna now assists the Foundation in identifying viable and urgent solutions to climate change and educational issues around the world.

Myanna has published more than 500,000 words on climate change risks to people, corporations, governments, and ecosystems.  She has been ranked at the top 10% of all authors by download on SSRN for four years consecutively.  More than 100 judges, attorneys, and scientists have cited to Myanna’s publications.  Originally from Denmark, Myanna has lived and worked in four countries on three continents.  She speaks three languages fluently.  She is an avid outdoor enthusiast and enjoys the Southern California beaches and mountains.

Inday Ransom

Inday Ransom

Social Media Contributor
Providing EinStrong with book summaries

Inday Ransom is a social media contributor who works with to provide book summaries and resources on climate change. Inday believes that there is much we can learn and do to make our society and planet a better place.

Inday has had a chemistry internship and completed university coursework in computer engineering studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz. During that time, she was part of the Bayanihan organization; an organization built to empower Filipino students. She also took part in ASF, “A Step Forward,” JUSTICE, and e², “engaging education,” which are designed for people of color to participate in activism for social justice.

Growing up in Northern California, Inday developed an affinity for the natural world. She grew up exploring the redwood forests and fishing in the lakes and rivers near her home. She is deeply saddened to see her childhood home suffering from wildfires, droughts and pollution. Inday is striving to learn more about climate change and what actions she and others can make to heal the world.

Byron Nemeth

Byron Nemeth

Website Developer
Providing The EinStrong Foundation technology design and advice

I help The EinStrong Foundation have a strong online presence by building our website with a state-of-the art digital infrastructure. I handle a range of responsibilities that include web design and development, routine site and content maintenance along with various updates that ensure the website aligns with the goals and objectives of EinStrong.

I also deploy relevant content on the socials that are in line with The EinStrong Foundation mission statement.  I help by implementing information on social media platforms with content strategies that include analyzing engagement data, identifying trends in user interactions and planning digital campaigns to build a strong community online.